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Review on Zim's Max-Freeze: An Unexpected Secret Weapon for Sores and Aches

Migraine Mood I suffer from tension migraines regularly. I know a migraine is in my future when I have been stressed out and spent long hours studying at the computer.  During this past finals season, I had a really terrible migraine, but the CVS near my school only had Tylenol, and I'm a Motrin type of girl...Needless to say, the Tylenol was not cutting it because my head was still throbbing. To top it off, my shoulders felt tight from hunching over my computer, and carrying my boys who were both sick and in result more needy than usual. I looked in my bag, again, to see if I had perhaps overlooked a bottle of Motrin that I always leave in my bag, but instead found a bottle of Zim's Max Freeze Roll-On I was sent as a press sample. I can't even tell you why it was in my bag -- honestly, I don't remember putting it in there, but if I could time travel and give myself a high-five for putting it in my bag, I would...considering I was a little skeptical of its abiliti