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Organic Fiji Nourishing Massage Lotion

This following is a guest post from my massage therapist. Yasuko Kawasmura 's blog, Bliss Squared Massage . She is currently a therapist at the renowned Burke Williams day spa in Orange County, CA. She also teaches couples massage classes. Download her free eBook, "You Knead Me: How to Massage Your Partner from Head to Toe in 10 Moves" on her website. When I massage I use Biotone’s Pure Touch Organic Massage Cream. I love this product because it glides well, little bit goes a long way, it’s gentle, and it’s a good moisturizer for both me and my clients. Recently I went on a quest to find a scented massage lotion. My criteria was 1) organic 2) as natural as possible without harsh chemicals and 3) smells good of course but not over powering. And I fell in love with Organic Fiji. Their nourishing lotion is made with certified organic virgin coconut oil. No Parabens. No GMOs which is a bonus point for me, No PEGs or Polyethylene glycol.  When I massage with this it g