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#MasqueSundays -- Laneige Water Sleeping Pack: All the Benefits of a Facemask Without the Scary Face

I love face masks and sheet masks, but wearing them...well, it's not my cutest look! Laneige to the rescue! They have developed the perfect skincare treatment for you (and me)! The Laneige Water Sleeping Pack is INVISIBLE, so you and I can apply the mask without feeling self-conscious about how we look while we are getting beautified!  What does it look and feel like? Is it really INVISIBLE? It is lightweight and clear. It's gel-textured similar to a serum. Once it has dried after 15ish minutes, it's practically untraceable.  The  80ml jar  will also give you some bang for your buck because a little bit of it goes a long way. The sweet sales woman at the Korean cosmetic store gave me a sample packet when I was trying out some BB cushions. I was quite surprised how little the 4ml packet was, but was even more surprised to find that the contents inside were more than I needed!  What are the benefits of this mask? The Laneige Water Sleeping mask works on