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#BarefacedWednesdays: Iggy Azalea

Happy Wednesday! This week’s #BarefacedWednesdays #muse is Iggy Azalea .  She got a lot of bad press when the papz captured a picture of her #sansmakeup at the airport (bottom right). I think it was mainly her hoodie that made her look a little less than glam because look how cute she was in the studio without makeup on (left). She has beautiful fresh skin! She’s super cute, too, love her steez! 

#BarefacedWednesdays: Dita Von Teese

Dita Von Teese is known for a very specific look:  impeccable matte skin, and flawless red lips. It's pretty rare to see her not done up and without red lips, except on occasion when you can catch her barefaced, as pictured on the left. She's a siren done-up, but without make-up she's still adorable as ever, and her skin is super impressive! I just love her pin-up style! What do you think is better? Makeup-up or no makeup?