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Manomai: Skin Care Based on Your Blood Type

Did you know it only takes 26 seconds for your blood stream to absorb what you apply topically?  That is why it is important to think about what ingredients are in your skin care and other beauty products you apply topically.  I came across Manomai  when I first started beauty blogging, and truly became fascinated with their approach to skin care. I reached out to them, and they kindly agreed to send me a press sample to review for you guys.  Manomai's founder is a believer in Dr. Peter D'Adamo 's Blood-type Diet, which basically c onsists of eating the right foods for your blood type, in turn making you healthier and lose weight. She wanted a moisturizer that aligned with her beliefs in the Blood Type Diet, but also met her strict guidelines:  pareben-free,   mineral oil-free,  fragrance free,  cruelty-free, and  artificial color free. So, she developed 4 moisturizers with 4 special blends to uniquely match each of the  blood types  -- the Around-the-Clock

Ms. Healthyface x Palmetto Derma Giveaway #MissHLovesPalmettoD

Happy Sunday! I am so excited to be having my first #giveaway! I was gushing to the founder of PalmettoDerma about the Intensive Hydration and Firming Serum, I reviewed recently, and how much I enjoy using it... And I managed to convince #PalmettoDerma to give one of you lovely people the opportunity to try out the #serum, too! yay!!! The Intensive Hydration and Firming serum has really changed my skin. I can't even wholeheartedly call myself combo skin anymore! I might be, dare-I-say, normal or even oily skin... Basically, my cheeks are no longer dry! I've been having dryness in my cheeks for years, and now they feel soft and moisturized all the time, even after showers or washing my face. I can't wait for the winner to try the serum out. I know he/she will love it just as much as me!  Here's how to win: 1. Repost the giveaway pix on my instagram, tag me and @palmettoderma, hashtag #MissHLovesPalmettoD ( One repost entry per person daily); AND 2

Must Try: Palmetto Derma’s Intensive Hydration & Firming Serum

My dream-come-true medicine cabinet would be filled with bottles and bottles of serums that treated every single skin ailment, from dryness to dullness; from wrinkles to hyperpigmentation. I am on my way to building a sizeable collection, but I am far from my ideal serum collection. My latest serum addition and obsession is  Palmetto Derma’s Hydrating and Firming Serum . Palmetto Derma is an up-and-coming, cruelty-free, and certified-organic skincare line.  That’s not all -- all of Palmetto Derma’s products are paraben-free, sulfate-free, and alcohol-free, and so it really is a skincare line that can be used by any gender, and all skin types, including the most sensitive skin. (yay! ::happy dance::) Palmetto Derma also takes pride in being a brand that is more than  skin  deep. They donate 1% of all profits to Breast Cancer Awareness.  I connected with the owner and founder, and she was gracious enough to send me a full size bottle to try and review for you guys. The mo

Puritan's Pride Discount Code!

  Hi Guys! I've been eagerly awaiting my recent Puritan's Pride package! It arrived yesterday, and inside was my Avalon Organics Vitamin C Vitality Facial Serum! I've been wanting to buy it at CVS, but it was a little expensive -- $25.49. On the Puritan's Pride website, it was priced at $15.89! Plus, I had a 10% discount because of my Anthem Healthcare Insurance membership! Puritan Pride sells all sorts of stuff -- from vitamins to skincare! Puritan Pride has hooked me up and I can give you guys 10% off too! Click here to get 10% off your next Puritan Pride order!