RECOMMENDED: e.l.f. Lip Balm SPF15 'Nude'

I have so many posts to do, but everything is on hold because Operation MiniMac failed when I realized the batteries in my old Mac keyboard corroded. ::sigh::  Thus, I am stuck blogging from my iPhone. It's super limiting, but I can do some basics, and I just have  to let you know about my new found fave. I went to Target to look for the e.l.f.  Cosmetics lip scrub, but they didn't have it.  On a whim, I ended up buying this Lip Balm in Nude. The SPF15 caught my eye. I've tried other tinted lip balms like Maybelline's Baby Lips and Burt's Bees, but I find those formulas aren't  moist enough for my lips, and the colors always seem to fall into the lines on my lips and accentuate some of the cracking. I've been loving this  e.l.f.  one though because it is sheer enough to not draw attention to the dry skin on my lips, but pigmented enough to give your lips a little pop. It's super hydrating so I can use it instead of my Aquaphor, when my lips j

#BareFacedWednesdays: Lana Del Rey

Hello beautiful faces! It's Wednesday! I double-checked to make sure it was really #BarefacedWednesdays! Today's' sans makeup muse is @lanadelrey! I've been obsessed with her since I first heard her hauntingly beautiful voice a couple years back. She had me transfixed the first time I heard her sing about a man in blue jeans and a white shirt (I was, at the time, in love with my boyfriend, now hubby, whose daily uniform was exactly that).  Without makeup #LanaDelRey is so gorgeous though! I mean she's super, super cute! I just love her easy-vintage style, her blinged-out tooth, her long red hair, and her genuine feminine charm.  Her infamous #cateye is definitely her signature look though, rightfully so! Her glam is on point 👌 Which look do you prefer? #nomakeup or #glam?

High-end v. Drugstore: Eyebrows are the New Black


@MsHealthyface Reaches Over 600 on Instagram!

Thank you to all my followers on Instagram! Before I started my blog, I began mini-reviewing on Instagram, so it has a special place in my heart. I love using #instagram because you can post information so quickly! Plus, I have been able to connect with a lot of great people and companies. Thank you, all, again!

My MacBookPro is in Critical Condition

Hi all!  My blogging has been on a hiatus because my computer is out of commission. I've been keeping up with Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter on my iPhone, but I prefer to blog on a computer where I can write longer, post more pictures, and play with layouts.  I will have a computer by today, June 16, so stayed because I have  many queued posts to come! Thanks for the love! Stay up to date with my social media links to the right.  Talk soon! x,  @MsHealthyface

#BeautyDealAlert: Nyx Cosmetics Love in Rio Sale

In honor of the World Cup 2014, Nyx Cosmetics is having a buy one get one free sale on all ' Love in Rio " eyeshadow palattes, and there are over 20 of them ranging from nudes to neons!  'Escape with Rico' and 'Sway with Lola' are my faves! They are available on for $6!  Happy shopping! 

#BarefacedWednesdays: Iggy Azalea

Happy Wednesday! This week’s #BarefacedWednesdays #muse is Iggy Azalea .  She got a lot of bad press when the papz captured a picture of her #sansmakeup at the airport (bottom right). I think it was mainly her hoodie that made her look a little less than glam because look how cute she was in the studio without makeup on (left). She has beautiful fresh skin! She’s super cute, too, love her steez!