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So if you can recall, I was looking for a phone case for my new iPhone5c. Well, I ended up purchasing a White Chanel Lego bag-inspired case from Velvet Caviar. They had a 20% discount promotion at the time, so it was the best deal out of all the other retailers. 

Isn't it dreamy?! I love how crisp the white is. I had a hard time debating between the other colors it came in (black, light pink, yellow, and hot pink), but I was super thrilled with the white. It's especially pretty because the case has a glossy finish. An additional nice feature about this case is the removable chain.

The sad part of the story is that it doesn't fit my iPhone5c because it really is meant for a 5s. 

Both the cases come in super cute packaging 
So, I contacted Velvet Caviar, and they so kindly shipped me this Navy Chanel Le Boy bag-inspired case. It's super cute! And the chain is so practical for this mommy of 2! (Although, hubby thinks it's quite annoying when I wear it around the house. That could actually be another plus lolz).

The minor disappointment about the Le Boy case is that you cannot remove this chain. 

I was impressed with Velvet Caviar shipping speed when I received my package within a week from ordering. Their customer service was also a delight to work with when my case didn't fit my phone. 

Check them out:


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