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My Current Skincare Routine

My skin has been terrible, and when I get breakouts, they are scarring, painful cystic acne blowouts that I would get on my chin and on the sides of my nose. They generally occur with my monthly period, or just after. I am not one to pick them because when I did the scarring would be even worse. I was courageous enough to let my cystic acne take its course, but it made me never want to leave the house. If you have read my Adapalene post from a year ago, you will know that my first dermatologist prescribed me that one cream, gave me zero directions, and sent me on my way. Not surprising my face never cleared up. Instead, I still had acne, my skin got flaky, peely, dry, irritated, and just plain terrible. I really resent my first dermatologist for doing that to me. So, I stopped using Adapalene, and began trying a bunch of over-the-counter acne treatments, from Paula's Choice to natural, organic brands with salicylic acid and tea tree oils, and the whole gamb

Mother's Day Gift Ideas...on Fleek.

LOL! Just kidding. My wish list is pretty awesome, but is it on fleek? Who knows...but, I do know that it's almost Mother's Day! That means it's time to celebrate all the wonderful mothers in your life. There are so many beautiful and inspiring moms right now:  Beyonce, Nic Trunfio, Gisele, Nicole Richie, Gwen Stefani, Natalie Portman, Amy Adams, and my ultimate fave, Victoria Beckham...So, remember to get the moms in your life something to help her shine  <3 Here's what's on my wishlist:

Celeb Beauty Picks for Your 20s, 30s, and 40s

When you are a celebrity, money and accessibility to the latest and greatest beauty products and treatments are not a problem -- the world is your medicine cabinet. So what do A-listers choose as their go-to holy grail products? I did a little research, and matched up four major super stars in their 20s, 30s, and 40s and their choice beauty products.

Four Summer Hat Situations

I love to wear hats year round, especially in the summer when I'm outside the most and need to guard against harmful UV rays. (No wrinkles for this healthy face!! Well, at least those caused by the sun). For inspiration, I've put together four summer hat situations.... I love the leather detail on the black wide-brim hat . Both the black and cafe au lait colored wide-brim hats can be worn year round - so it's a great staple/investment piece.  I love fedoras because they can be worn with almost any summer outfit. From summer dresses, to shorts and a tee, a fedora can make an outfit complete. Make sure to pick one with a little weight because sometimes strong winds, like at the beach, can blow your fedora right off. Snapbacks are great to throw on at the beach or when you're moving around a lot like at a music festival or block party. Super cute to wear with almost anything like a bathing suit, or jeans and a tank! Are you feelin any look?  Shop

Father's Day Gift Guide for Any Budget!

Father's Day Gift Guide for Every Budget by mshealthyface featuring a leather bangle Gift sets kit Gift sets kit Persol glasses Leather bangle Theory Feynold S Shirt in Ferriday J.Crew 10.5" club short in Japanese chambray Nixon 'The Time Teller' Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch, 37mm Yves Saint Laurent Beauty Yves Saint Laurent 'L'Homme' Eau de Toilette Stetson Water Repellent Fedora Swims Lace Loafer Rainbow '301Alts' Sandal (Men)