Trader Joe's Face Wash Face-off


I love Trader Joe's! Recently, I discovered their face wash with tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is amazing. It an essential oil and acts like a natural antiseptic. Some claim it is almost as good as benzoyl peroxide, which is awesome for acne-prone and sensitive skin people like me. I was eager to switch from my sensitive Cetaphil because I have been attempting to limit my paraben exposure, and so I began using it for my daily facial cleansings -- twice a day.

The tea tree oil wash smells great - mainly from the tea tree oil, which is a camphoraceous smell. However, using it twice a day began to dry out my skin. So, I went back to TJ's to try out their other face wash.

The 'Nourish' face wash is an awesome complement to the tea tree oil wash. It's light, fragrance-free, and doesn't leave your skin feeling tight and stripped. It's perfect for the morning facial cleansing!

I would definitely recommend both the washes. I like to use the tea tree oil wash at night and the 'Nourish' during the day. They are both only $5.99! Available at Trader Joe's.

Have you tried these washes? What do you think? I would love to here your thoughts!


  1. You should try the modere skin care line. All products are paraben free and do not have any harsh chemicals.... My face feels amazing after using for 2 weeks now. They are offering $10 off $50 or $25 off $100 plus free shipping to all first time orders right now too! Here's the referral link to get the discount

  2. Thanks for your comments Stephanie. I will look into it! :)

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