#MasqueSundays: Neocell Collagen Moisturizing Treatment Masque

My mother-in-law introduced me to Neocell a little over a year ago when she began using the Super Collagen Type 1 and 3 Powder. She drinks it everyday and raves about it (along with a bunch of other beauty bloggers). So when, Neocell reached out to me to test some of their beauty products, I was super stoked!

The summer heat has been drying out my skin like crazy. So for a recent #MasqueSundays, I applied Neocell's Collagen Moisturizing Treatment Masque. Now, I know that this mask is called a "Collagen" mask, because it does contain collagen an other skin reviltalizers that have short-term skin firming and plumping benefits (ingesting collagen will probably get you more noticeable results), but the really obvious results I got from applying this mask was smoother, brighter, and more hydrated skin.

As you can tell in the pictures, the formula is a creamy, and rich. The consistency kind of reminds me of a thick cocoa butter, especially, because it is super opaque and pale gold. This mask is the non-drying type, so even after applying it for 40 minutes the mask will still be wet.

The smoothing and brightening results come from the mask's high PH of 8.5. The PH is high enough to dissolve the dead surface cells. So when you remove the mask you are left with a fresh face!

The mask's non-drying and lubricating texture hold in hydrating ingredients like Panthenol -- a form of Vitamin B5. Panthenol helps maintain and soothes the skin's natural moisture barrier. It is a pretty common ingredient in products aimed at moisturizing, including, hair care.

How to Apply.
The accompanying instructions indicated that best results are attained when this masque is applied after a steam and exfoliation treatment.

Well, the closest I got to steaming and exfoliating at home was using a facial scrub in my shower prior to applying the mask. Still, I was very pleased with how brightened and glowing my complexion looked and how smooth my skin felt. I am going to continue using this mask to see if it helps fade the scarring on my chin.

Plus, remember, I have been telling you guys about my dehydrated under eyes and dark circles...Well, this mask can be specifically applied to your under eye area for quick plumping and brightening a couple times a week. Or if you should ever burn your face in the sun, this would be a perfect mask to soothe and hydrate.

What's your favorite mask to use for hydrating and brightening?

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Neocell Collagen Powder Supplement, 7 oz., $12 via healthdesigns.com (Get $5 off with PromoCode  "mshealthyface")

Neocell Collagen Moisturizing Treatment Masque, 1 oz, $10 via iHerb.com 



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