Warming Up to Oils with Arya Essentials

Confession: I've been too big of a sissy to try face oils. I am acne-prone, and have combo skin, so initially I believed using face oils would cause me to become overly oily in my t-zone and cause pimples. BUT then, Arya Essentials sent me this delightful little box, and I could not resist playing with those vials filled with their face and body oils!

You can smell both the face and body oils without even having to open the vials, and let me tell you, your first whiff is absolute decadence.

The Face Oil harmoniously blends Vitamin 'E' and  over 10 essential oils, including, argan oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, gotu-kola oil, rose hip seed oil, sandalwood oil, indian gooseberry oil, holy basil oil, neem oil, ylang-ylang seed oil, and rose geranium oil. I love rose hips and argan oil for their hydrating features, and neem  for its anti-bacterial principles!

The Body Oil is packed with a bunch of heavenly essential oils, as well, like sesame oil, coconut oil, bitter orange oil, black pepper oil, gotu-kola oil, vitamin 'E', and patchouli (lovveeeee patchouli!!). 

How to Apply. 
From researching face oils, I've read that they can be applied as a moisture-retaining barrier when thinly applied over a moisturizer. However, Arya Essentials sent instructions, which asked me to apply directly to my freshly cleansed face. 

There is no special science to applying the body oil. Though, I definitely enjoy rubbing it all over my body straight out the shower when I am still slightly wet. The oils and the remaining beads of water emulsify into the perfect hydrating lotion. I can leave all those body lotions with added emulsifiers behind!!!  The Arya Essentials Body Oil also leaves my body smelling uber luxurious and ready to go --  no need to spritz on extra perfume!

Yes...I am a Face Oil Convert...
For the past week, the Arya Essentials Face Oil has replaced my moisturizer, and I am totally loving how soft my skin feels. What is great is that it does not leave you greasy. Although, it does take about 30 minutes for the oils to soak completely in, and the essential oils scents to wear off, I found that my chronically dehydrated under-eye skin does not feel flakey and dry like it usually does after I apply my concealer or a setting powder.

I am impressed that the Arya Essentials Face Oil did not break out my sensitive combo skin. The amount of hydration it helped my skin retain makes it an obvious product-of-choice for me. It keeps my skin soft and dewy beneath my makeup, especially, my under-eye area. I am relieved Arya Essentials Face Oil was the first oil I tried because it did not do me wrong, and I look forward to continuing my journey with face oils. 

To learn more about Arya Essentials and these luxurious oils, please visit http://www.aryaessentials.com.


  1. I just started using face oils too! I was worried about my skin being too oily but they have actually made it less so!

    www.macinmybackpack.blogspot.com xx

    1. I know! I was super surprised. I am happy I tried them finally because now I am obsessed! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I skin is oily what i will use to clean my face


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