Bogavia: All Luxury and All Natural

If you have been looking to purge yourself of chemical and preservative filled hair and skin care, then keep reading... Bogavia is a skin and hair care brand free of: parabens, mineral oil, sodium laurel sulfate, artificial fragrance, and chemical preservatives! Oh yeah, and cruelty-free!! Everything in their ingredient list is easily pronounceable and all natural with a lot of organic plant and fruit extracts. They have a line for adults and babies -- so exciting!

I contacted Bogavia after learning that they crafted a baby-friendly skincare line. My sons have grown a little fascination with creams and lotions after watching my AM & PM skincare routines. So, I had been looking for a baby-friendly lotion for them. I absolutely love Bogavia's Extra Gentle Healing Butter for my two angels' soft skin. The Healing Butter, infused with Calendula, is a thick unscented cream with a denseness like Desitin, but feels like a lotion. It can be used and applied all over the face, body, and bottom for diaper rashses. This is a great option for babies with super dry skin or eczema.

On top of having a great all-purpose baby healing butter, vanilla bean baby lotion (it's so yum), and a gentle baby hair and body wash, Bogavia has an expansive line for mommy and daddy, too. It will truly make you think you are staying at a luxury resort even when you are just at home. From the quality of the packaging, to the classic and rich Valencia Vanilla scent, everything feels luxe.

I am obsessed with Bogavia's signature Valencia Vanilla scent. The sweet yet citrusy scent has definitely been something I look forward to. It smells so amazing I want to swim in it. Good thing that Bogavia makes an entire line with the scent: Shampoo, Conditioner, Toning Body Wash, Hydrating Body Butter, and my ultimate favorite, the Lip Balm!!!! Ugh the Valencia Vanilla lip balm is super addicting. It is made out of coconut oil and reminds me of orange cream soda....I just looooooove it! The best part is knowing that I am not putting any toxins in my body.

Not all of Bogavia's products are scented, and so if scents are not your thing, the Exfoliating Facial Scrub is super hydrating (strangely) and has very fine particles that will gently get rid of your dead skin cells. 

Bogavia definitely needs to be in all 5-star resorts and hotels immediately, and Valencia Vanilla definitely needs to be all over your body.


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