Drugstore Contour: Covergirl TruBlend's FIXSTICK in D-5-7 vs. Maybelline FIT ME Foundation Stick in 'Coconut'

Don't you love finding treasures in the drugstore! I mean why pay $$$ when you can pay $? My latest drugstore discoveries have been contouring tools – Covergirl's TruBlend Concealer Stick in D-5-7, the darkest shade; and Maybelline's FITME Foundation Stick in Coconut, also the darkest shade. Before I go on to compare and contrast the two, I wanted to let you all know that my complexion would be considered light-medium to medium with yellow undertones.

Covergirl's FixStick Concealer Stick in D-5-7

I picked up this CoverGirl's TruBlend FIXSTICK Concealer Stick after deciding that it was a tad darker, and thus, probably better for contouring, than the L'Oréal True Match Super-Blendable Crayon Concealer in Medium-Deep Neutral.

Neutral Contour Shade. The FIXSTICK turns out to be a great contouring tool. It truly is a neutral brown compared to the Maybelline FITME. It blends easily with my ELF Small Stipple Brush. I love how natural it applies, all the while being super effective at making my face look more sculpted.

Easy Placement. FIXSTICK's crayon shape makes it super easy to place the contour lines where you need to – it is practically fail proof.

The FIXSTICK in D-5-7 works great for my light-medium complexion, but it may not work so well for extremely fair or deeper complexions. FIXSTICK only offers 3 deeper shades, and so, if you can not find a good contour shade, two or three shades darker than your foundation shade, then check out Maybelline's FITME Foundation stick...

Maybelline's FIT ME Shine-free Foundation Stick in Coconut

Large Shade Range: Those with extremely fair complexion might have an easier time finding an appropriate contouring shade in the Maybelline FIT ME range.

Creamy & Super-blendable. Although, Maybelline's FITME Foundation stick in 'Coconut' is slightly warm compared to FIXSTICK in D-5-7, but its formula is super creamy and easier to blend out than FIXSTICK, so this might be a better option for beginners.

Both of these are great drugstore contour tools for my light-medium skintone. It is difficult to decide which one is better, but I have been reaching more for the Covergirl TruBlend FIXSTICK because it is a tad darker and more neutral than Maybelline's FIT ME, although only ever so slightly. I may reach more for the Maybelline once Winter comes.

Do you use any drugstore contouring products? What's your favorite?


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